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Offering Crane Service and Bare Crane & Equipment Rentals to the Colorado Springs – Denver local area, Smiley Lifting is your one-stop-shop for all your lifting needs. Whether you are looking for a “1 up, 1 down” HVAC lift, or need to hoist specialty materials in a confined space with a SPYDERCRANE, Smiley Lifting has the equipment and expertise to get your project off the ground.

Crane For Shed Lift

Smiley Crane Service is refreshingly different than most other crane services. Changing the tone of the industry, Smiley Crane is saying no to expensive port-to-port fees and open ended service charges. Operating more like a “Taxi” service, we charge a flat rate travel fee, low onsite minimums, and most often,  same day service. Add in our professional operators and well maintained equipment, and you can’t go wrong with Smiley Crane.

Supplying the construction, steel erection, glazing, and other specialty industries with some of the most innovative rental equipment available, Smiley Lifting Solutions is making bare equipment rentals easy. Offering local support, delivery, and familiarization on the Boom Trucks and SPYDERCRANES, whether you have a two day job or a 9 month project, we can help.

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